First Sense Limited





First Sense Limited manufactures and markets its own products.

The Body Pouch, Garter Pouch and Body Pouch Thin are a range of elastic belts designed to hold radio mic transmitters and in Ear Monitors/talkback receivers securely around the waist. 

Manufactured from high quality 50mm and 100mm elastic webbing, they have 6 inches of adjustment and are closed with Hook and Loop fastening. 

1 or 2 pockets versions are available in black or white, enabling radio transmitter packs to be hidden in the small of the back under clothing.

They are used extensively in film, TV and on stage as well as around the waists of referees and line judges on rugby and football pitches throughout Europe.

For further information about these products, please ring the telephone number or send an e-mail to:

Tel no. 07836 682514